Graduate Program

Trauma & Violence Transdisciplinary Studies is not admitting new graduate students for the coming year.

The Master’s Degree program (32 credits)

This program offers students a four course core program that provides a strong foundation in both the theoretical and the clinical components of doing work concerning trauma and violence. The core curriculum exposes students to the entire spectrum of clinical and theoretical work, with an eye toward integrating these different fields through collaborative seminars and colloquia. The four-course core consists of a two-semester introduction to trauma studies, one semester focused on clinical theory and practice, and the other focused on the study of trauma in literature, philosophy, and other discourses. The following two courses offer students broad exposure to current research and clinical cases through a one-semester Colloquium featuring speakers presenting their current research, and a one semester “Clinical Case Study Seminar,” in which clinical practitioners present cases. In addition to these core courses, students take four elective courses in order to deepen their studies in preparation for writing the Master’s thesis (or producing another special project) under the supervision of a faculty advisor. In special cases, with approval, the student may do an internship or independent study with a mentor as one or more of their electives.

In addition to being exceptionally well-prepared to pursue doctoral studies, Master’s Degree recipients will have enhanced career opportunities in a variety of fields, including all kinds of non-profit work, arts, and education, among others. A Master’s Degree also would also enhance the profile of current professionals in those fields.

Advanced Certificate Program(20 credits)

This program is open to application by all current graduate students at New York University, as well as those outside the University who already hold a graduate degree or are enrolled at a graduate program at an accredited institution. The Advanced Certificate curriculum offers students the same four-course core curriculum taken by Master of Arts candidates. The core provides a strong foundation in both the theoretical and the clinical components of doing work concerning trauma and violence. In addition to the core curriculum, Advanced Certificate Students will take one elective course, which can consist either of further coursework or, in special cases, an internship or independent study with a mentor.

An Advanced Certificate for Trauma and Violence Transdisciplinary Studies complements any of the graduate degrees offered by New York University, and provides its recipients with unique angles of analysis and insight into their primary degrees. An Advanced Certificate also enhances the portfolio and skill set of current professionals in the fields of law, non-profit work, public policy, education, psychotherapy, and the arts, among other fields.